How It Works


At Tag A Tie, we know all about getting ties as gifts; they're easy, most guys wear them, and they come in so many varieties that they match any gift premise. The problem is that the majority of gift ties make it to one of two positions in the rotation: 

  1. Into the pile (may luck be your side) or,
  2. Underneath that old scratchy quilt your grandmother made you for graduation... we all know you appreciate the love behind it... but it's not something you bring out in public.

Luckily, there's now a cheat : Customized Ties!

That's right! No matter the occasion, we help you create the perfect gift that will not only make it to the top of the pile, but will be a cherished present that will outlive any other tie in the collection.

How it works:

To begin with, choose the tie you want from our selection of high quality ties:

tat-regular-width.png tat-skinny-widt-ties.png


Once you've added the tie you want to customize, jump over to our tie customizer template and hit "customize" to open the tool. 


Once you've added the tie, and finished the content you want, go to the checkout...

It's that simple... Just Choose it, Tag it, and Love it!

In the case that you don't know how you'd want to customize a tie for your loved one, here are some ideas of how you can create the perfect gift tie:

 Inspirational Ties

- Favorite verse or quote

- Date of significant event in life

- LDS Missionary name and mission area image (we have these)

Wedding Ties

- Gift for Father of the bride

- Gift for Groomsmen

- Best man gift

Funny Custom Ties

- Halloween face (for those who can't dress up for Halloween)

- Sarcasm

- Nickname and image for friend


- It's a "insert gender here" 

- Baby announcement gift for Grandpa or Dad

- Baby footprint and message for Dad

- Family reunion ties